Support for Emotional Trauma in
Government & Corporate

Our award-winning Telehealth platform is specifically tailored for high-stress professions such as content moderators, veterans, and law enforcement officers. We combine evidence-based therapies with holistic modalities to empower users to transform persistent challenges into empowering habits. Addressing PTSD, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, we offer meditations, educational videos, and sessions with licensed therapists or coaches

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Trauma is an invisible weight

It stays with you long after a hard moment has passed. It shows up as sleepless nights, anxiety, irritabilityor just pretending everything is okay.It leads to strong reactions over small things and feeling empty when you're supposed to be happy, changing how you relate to yourself and others. We recognize these complex layers of trauma and its wide ranging impact. We understand the unique challenges your teams or communities face and are here to support transformation and true healing.

1:1 Sessions with licenced therapists

Ready to listen and guide 

1:1 Sessions with a certified coach

In multiple languages

Live group sessions

Multilingual live group sessions across time zones

Video courses & meditations

Including role-specific content for job related stresses like exposure to graphic material etc

Simplifying Access to Wellness

Setting a session allowance is all it takes per your budget or needs. Users gain quick access to our resources, with a turnaround time of just 7 days for smaller teams and up to 6 weeks for larger ones.

For Corporations: We cater to tech companies, customer support teams, content moderators, community managers, policy makers.

For Governments: Solutions for veterans, executive teams, law enforcement, educators & front line workers.

Rolling out is simple

1. Book a Demo Call

Discover our easy-to-use and platform with a personal video demonstration.

2. Choose Your Services

We will make a reccomendation based on your teams needs and your budget.

3. Roll out to your teams

We take care of all the marketing and set up and give your teams access to the platform.

Our resources combat the ‘seminar effect’

Where inspiration fizzles out in the face of real-life application. Our content, including videos on handling exposure to distressing material or navigating PTSD, is designed for immediate implementation.We champion transformation through practicefocusing on one technique at a time to minimize overwhelm and maximize impact.

The path to wellness extends beyond licensed therapy

While traditional therapy is a cornerstone of our services we recognize its limitations. A study in the Journal of Clinical Psychology found that traditional therapy can sometimes overlook the unique and diverse needs of individuals, leading to barriers in treatment engagement and effectiveness. To address this, we offer coaching, videos and meditative practices, designed to be more approachable and less intimidating.

Our practices blend holistic & evidence-based approaches allowing cultural sensitivity as we serve our global family!

 Her knowledge is amazing, provided great tools for energy exchange. LOVED her session even when you think you are ok – in the end you realize how beneficial these sessions are. So happy you have come to amazon!!

 Chatelle is in the right field of work. She is very professional, genuine and very attentive. She remembers everything I told her in earlier sessions, she listens and cares. And finds ideas and solutions. Thank you 🙂

This is the best training I’ve ever had. It was so impactful, relaxing, and informative. I took so many notes and am so grateful for the materials to walk away with and use in my everyday life. Truly outstanding work!!

We are here for your teams & communities depending on you to get it right

  1. Quick Setup: Easy to roll out, start seeing the difference fast.
  2. Variety of support: Extending beyond traditional therapy to meet your team exactly where they are
  3. Discreet: Your team’s privacy is our top priority, no EAP or HR line to call they login and get started
  4. Proud finalists in the British Wellness Awards and hailed as ‘Transformational’ by the Internet Commission Report.