The Science of Mental Health and Emotional Well-being


We’ve blended trusted science with actionable solutions. Dive into studies that reflect our profound commitment to mental well-being. For companies truly devoted to empowering their teams, discover our curated tools and guides. Crafted with care, they’re here to enhance understanding, nurture emotional wellness, and support the mental health of every employee.

We are here for your teams depending on you to get it right

  1. Quick Setup: Easy to roll out, start seeing the difference fast.
  2. Variety of support: Extending beyond traditional therapy to meet your team exactly where they are
  3. Discreet: Your team’s privacy is our top priority, no EAP or HR line to call they login and get started
  4. Proud finalists in the British Wellness Awards and hailed as ‘Transformational’ by the Internet Commission Report.