Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a life coach and a licensed therapist?

Life coaches help you set and achieve personal goals and work on your personal development. Licensed therapists are trained to diagnose and treat mental health issues. On our platform, you can clearly see who’s who, so you can choose the support that’s right for you.

Is it confidential? Will you protect my privacy from my employer?

Yes, your privacy is protected. Therapists must keep your information confidential, except in rare cases where there is a risk of harm to you or others. Your therapist will explain how confidentiality works and answer any questions you have. We are HIPAA compliant, and we do not share ANY information about your sessions (including your name) with your employer. Your company won’t know who is using the service or any details about your sessions. You can use Rebuilding Thoughts freely and confidentially.

Are coaches as good as therapists for dealing with trauma?

Both coaches and therapists can be incredibly helpful, but they serve different roles. Therapists are trained to handle deep psychological issues and trauma. Coaches are great for setting goals and finding solutions. Some people find coaching more helpful if they're looking for a solutions-focused approach, while others benefit more from therapy for deeper issues. It’s about finding what works best for you. You are welcome to try both and see which you prefer.

What if I don't think I need help?

It’s a common myth that you need to be really struggling to seek help. Everyone can benefit from support at times. Whether you're dealing with stress, looking to improve your relationships, or wanting to understand yourself better, therapy and coaching offer valuable tools and insights. It’s about taking care of your mental health, just like you would your physical health.

What if I've had bad experiences with therapy before?

Bad experiences can make you hesitant to try again, but remember that not all therapists are the same. Finding the right match can make a big difference. Don’t be discouraged – it’s worth trying again to find someone who can help you.

Can I benefit from mental health treatment even if I don’t have a diagnosed mental illness?

Absolutely. Mental health care isn’t just for those with a diagnosis. Therapy and coaching can help with stress, relationship issues, personal growth, and more. Everyone can benefit from having support and learning new ways to handle life’s challenges.

Do I need to show up on camera for group sessions?

No, you don’t need to show up on camera for group sessions if you’re not comfortable. You can still participate and benefit from the group dynamics and support.

What if I don’t feel comfortable with my therapist or the treatment approach?

It’s really important to feel comfortable with your therapist or coach. If you don’t, it’s okay to look for someone else. Talk to your therapist about your concerns, and don’t be afraid to try different professionals until you find the right fit. Remember, therapy and coaching can sometimes be challenging, and it’s normal to feel triggered. This is part of the process. If you find yourself hopping from one person to another, it might be a sign that you’re avoiding difficult but necessary truths. Stick with it, take the advice seriously, and be open to change.