Coming Soon: The First Study on Emotion Regulation in Content Moderators

A Pioneering Correlational Study on Emotion Regulation and Content Moderation

Rebuilding Thoughts, in a landmark collaboration with Thomson Rivers University and the distinguished Emotions Lab team headed by Dr. Catherine Ortner, is proud to announce an upcoming publication. This pioneering research represents one of the world’s first correlational studies delving into the emotional landscape of content moderators.

Our study uniquely focuses on the intricate relationship between emotion regulation and the challenging role of content moderation. This research venture sought to uncover the psychological impacts faced by individuals immersed in moderating online content, a role that often exposes them to emotionally charged and sometimes distressing material.

The study’s findings are poised to offer groundbreaking insights into the emotional resilience and psychological strategies employed by content moderators. It also aims to contribute significantly to developing better support systems and mental health resources for these vital yet often overlooked professionals.

We anticipate publishing the complete study in a reputable journal and online by Q2 2024. This publication promises to shed light on the complex emotional dynamics in content moderation, offering invaluable perspectives for both academic and professional communities.

Stay tuned to our blog for further updates and insights as we prepare to unveil this crucial piece of research that bridges the gap between emotional well-being and the digital world.