Work with us

If you see an opening that interests you, read through our values and if they align with you, we encourage you to apply!

The company

We are a mental health company specifically geared towards content moderators whose job is to pull off distressing content from the internet every day. We offer 1:1 counselling, and group wellness sessions to help create meaningful and resilient work cultures.

The group types include resilience, stress management, burnout, mindfulness, meditation and holistic healing experiences. We are not a death by PowerPoint service and prefer interesting, practical and creative approaches to mental wellness.

Our speciality is in emotional support for content moderators in tech companies and other psychologically high-risk roles for example, critical care, front line, photo journalists etc with a focus on managing symptoms of PTSD and trauma that can come with these roles.

Our goal is to be a leader in our field and to change lives positively forever by helping our clients see parts of themselves they were unable to see before and teaching personal resilience and self-love skills. The quality of our sessions is very important as well as our aftercare.

Our beliefs and values

“Every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it, autograph your work with excellence” 

This epitomised the work we do, we are imperfect but committed to continuing working on ourselves so we may more powerfully show up and serve others. We’re not into a toxic work culture of overworking, giving from an empty cup or ‘suffering’ through. Our facilitators are paid to relax and recharge before they host sessions. 

The candidate we take on will also share a passion for mental wellness and delivering high-quality sessions.

You are a sovereign person. You have your own mind, unique genius, personal goals, and dreams and we support the pioneer in you!

We’re forming a team that is diverse in every way to encompass competent trainers, therapsist and coaches from all walks of life and broad interests. They will be very skilled and good at what they do.

We believe in inclusivity and decolonising mental health by holding safe spaces for all identities in all bodies with different cultures and belief systems. We believe in social justice in mental health and are committed to accessibility.

We align ourselves with the content and the values that we advocate for, this sometimes means pushing beyond our comfort zones. A lot of our coaches and trainers continue to invest in their own education whether through hiring their own coaches or therapists, booking retreats and reading books. 

The right candidate is self-guided, a critical thinker, open-minded and willing to see work as a tool to further develop themselves and showcase their own genius.


Things we care about

You taking care of yourself 

Showing up powerfully for your clients

Help seeking actions and not doing it alone

Personal development 

Real conversations/feedback (not buttoned up nonsense)


Things we don't care about

Hiding behind your qualifications

Closed mind 

Passive aggressive communication, we like
direct and straightforward 

Avoiding personal development beyond formal education

If this resonates, please apply 

Group facilitator

The role:
This is a contractor based fully remote position with at least 3 hours on either a Monday and Wednesday or split between both. You will provide group, 1 hour long workshops/sessions.

Good to know:
We are able to offer 3 hours per month or more.


  • Relevant experience hosting and facilitating group sessions as a trainer, group therapist or workshop facilitator 
  • Self generated engaging content
  • Excellent communication and listening skills
  • 2+ years experience training and delivering group sessions
  • Solid internet connection
  • Be comfortable on video, presenting and using Zoom by engaging in the chat box and live with participants 
  • Effortless presenting skills 


$60 per hour + performance bonuses

Accredited/Licenced Therapist

The role:
Contractor, fully remote position with flexible hours that you set. You will provide 1:1, 45 minute long sessions to clients who will read your bio and decide to book in with you. You must be able to support with PTSD. You will join on a video or audio, offer the counselling and then assign the client ‘feel better plans’ in the app and send them personalised message/session reflections and other resources to support them on their journey.

Good to know:
There is no guarantee of hours this entirely depends on how many clients choose your bio. We request a minimum of 5 slots per week on your calendar. You can pick the day(s) and times.


  • Relevant bachelor’s degree/ masters/doctorate
  • A private, tidy environment for conducting sessions
  • Excellent writing and listening skills
  • 2+ years experience counselling and providing therapy for adults
  • Solid internet connection
  • Appropriate liability insurances
  • Be comfortable using technology (zoom, email, scheduling platform and providing assignments/messages through our app)

USA: Licensed by a State Board to provide therapy e.g. LCSW, LMFT, LPC, PsyD etc
UK: Membership and accreditation from a professional organization to provide therapy e.g. BACP, NCS, HCPC, BPS etc

$40+ per hour 

Look forward to hearing from you!

Deanna, MA

Dr Tae